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17:17 Friday 07.25.2008

Wow! What a week!! I got the vacuum …

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Wow! What a week!! I got the vacuum cleaner last night — its wonderful — with a couple of caveats — the filter gets clogged and is hard to reach and clean — its pleated… The vacuum cleaner beats the rugs – and I found puddles of dirt, sand, grit under the rug instead of in the vacuum…. but it did suck up a lot of the dirt….

The guys removed the window air conditioner that was in my bedroom — yay!! It hadn’t worked for years and years, lots of noise came in thru it, and it blocked the sunlight.

I have a Lane cedar chest that is locked – I think I have the right key (I have several), but the lock seems to be defective — it just turns around and doesn’t *catch*. I just contacted the Lane furniture company , hope they can help!! Maybe I need a locksmith? I even tried taking the hinges off…. but that didn’t help.

Don’t know if I can get my car in the garage — I usually park in the middle, and the guys left me with one side…. the more difficult side… and tools are on the ground… with my lack of depth perception, it could be a problem. They won’t be back for about 10 days…. I really don’t want to park outside that long…

I have been trying to find the key to unlock the bolts on my windows — I looked on This Old House website and found someone else with the same problem — he had a picture of the bolt ! Left a message – hope he found a solution that I can use, too.

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