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10:47 Sunday 10.05.2008

I am Jaded…

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I can remember a time when I was so positive, so hopeful… when I was *so* excited to vote in my first election — even though the town I was living in attending college made it extremely difficult for the students (I believe they have since been reprimanded for it).  I voted absentee ballot that year.  The next election I was able to vote at my precinct — and the next time I drove 2 hours in order to vote (I was back in college :), spent the night, and left very early in the morning in order to drive the two hours back and just make it to my first class! 

My mother usually planned to vote the opposite of my dad — and so she would convince him that since they would cancel each other out that neither needed to vote!  I have seen people standing in long polling lines come to the same conclusion, and find someone who was planning on voting for the other candidate, and both would leave.  (Of course, one or both might have returned later and voted anyway :)

When did I decide that I no longer wanted to be a registered voter?  After I was called for jury duty every six months, and when I served on a jury, our verdict was thrown out.  I was so disillusioned!  I decided that our court system is broken beyond repair.  Being a registered voter forced me to be a part of it — and I refused to do that.  (Yes, I know, many say its the best system in the world — as if that excuses the faults within the system!)

Then — when my parents were dying — the political fundraisers and political solicitors (you know the ones — they want you to call or write your representative about whatever their particular interest is, or they want you to complete a survey) kept calling at all hours — even after repeatedly being asked to stop.  I decided *then* that I would never support anyone from either major party again — because they were so rude and annoying.

This year — I am tempted to break my promise to myself and vote absentee.  Haven’t completely made up my mind.

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