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16:44 Monday 08.04.2008

Another attempt to contact Sprint…

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Sent email from Sprint website — unfortunately I couldn’t print it out – and I forgot to copy before hitting submit – thinking I would see the completed file on the next page – ugh!!! Hope they send me a copy of it for my records… Still haven’t heard anything from the “Sprint Supervisor”!

18:30 Sunday 08.03.2008


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I have spend most of the day trying to do research on Sprint – who the officers are – why they have two addresses – KS and VA. As reported – I found a post from someone who claims to be a supervisor – at least writing the email helped me to clarify my thoughts – now I need to translate to a letter and mail to some of the officers of the company… I also have a fax phone number – but since Verizon has screwed me (see previous post!) – I can’t fax to the number.

Some of the officers:

  • Gary D. Forsee ; Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer ; Sprint Nextel Corporation ; 2001 Edmund Halley Drive ; Reston, Virginia 20191
  • Robert L. Johnson; Chief Service Officer; Reston, VA
  • Robert Finch; VP Spectrum Development; Reston, VA

Will add more as I find them – I know that Dan somebody is the one on television – giving out his email – just can’t remember exactly what it was….

11:29 Thursday 07.31.2008

The Consumerist…

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More on Sprint — found this website as well — another consumer’s experience at The Consumerist.

Filed a Complaint — check out this site…

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Not that it will make a real difference — well, hopefully someone will read *before* they choose a cell phone service — I filed a complaint ! And next time — before I spend more money — I think I will explore this site and see what others are complaining about! :)

Sprint Sucks!!!!!

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Oh my gosh — are you kidding me?? I have had a Sprint phone for over 5 years — and all of a sudden — without warning — they are charging me for text messages??? I have *always* had unlimited PCS (crappy internet) and unlimited text messaging!!!!!!!!!!! I am furious! So now I guess I need to write a letter to the idiots — and get them to fix it — again!!! Not too long ago they billed us $900 — because their computer was messed up… I think Sprint is all f***ed up!!!!! I do not recommend *anyone* use them — their service is crap, coverage area poor, lots and lots of dropped calls…. Oh — and if you inadvertently change something — because they offer it to you (while you are on a call to them complaining about something, for example!) — they extend your plan for another f***ing 2 years!!!!!! That is the only reason we have been stuck with them this long. I *hate* Sprint!!!! So no — I sure as hell am not going to call them and let them extend my plan for another 2 years….

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