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15:01 Sunday 08.03.2008

Email sent to Sprint Supervisor…

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Hello —

Well — first of all – I hope you are who you say you are – since you don’t have a Sprint email address!

I think until I know you actually *are* from Sprint — I will refrain from including personal information…

I saw your post on Mobiledia — just found the site today.

My husband and I have had Sprint phones for nearly 6 years — since Dec, 2002. The coverage in our home in Richmond, VA was extremely poor. In our other home in Manassas, VA — coverage is worse — have to stand extremely still to get 1 bar — move an inch and call is dropped. This happens in all rooms, as well as outside. We live in the city in both locations — not in some rural area.

Secondly, my husband called CS to ask about lowering the rate — and was switched to another plan — without being told that he was also extending the contract for another 2 years! From reading many forums – it seems this is common with Sprint! Additionally – we have always had 2 phones on our plan. The next bill we received was 10 times what it should have been — CS claimed there was a computer error — it took several months for them to resolve this issue. One of our phones was somehow dropped from the Sprint database – so it was not shown as a Sprint phone — we were billed for all the Sprint to Sprint calls we made — which are 99% of my calls.

Now — although I have always had free texting, free Vision, free Sprint to Sprint — I am being billed for texting!!! and who knows what else will be next. Sprint said we could *buy* texting for $5/300. For something that is included?? I don’t think so.

I don’t know who to contact to get this resolved. I hesitate to call CS again — I do not want to be switched to another plan — and I certainly do not want to have our contract extended AGAIN! (this has happened more than once!) I think our first choice — if offered — would be to leave Sprint altogether. As it is, our contract expires early 2009. My phone is ancient — and Sprint never offered to upgrade it — unless we extended the contract again, of course. We have never received a loyalty discount (I see where another poster has this), or any other “perks”. We have only been screwed by Sprint — over and over! We stayed with Sprint when Sprint/Nextel merged — because we are Nascar fans — and because we thought the service would improve. Clearly that has not happened.

Believe me — Sprint may not always get feedback from users — but the users certainly “spread the word” — my doctor, my pharmacist, my cable people, everyone I meet – have heard my story. And have shared similar stories. Even people who sell Sprint service don’t recommend it!! I understand that Sprint canceled the contracts of users who *were* complaining — I wish they had offered this choice to everyone!

Hoping you can help us.


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