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16:58 Saturday 09.20.2008


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Don’t know if anyone has noticed — but there appears to be a team of people with the email addy .  They are on Twitter, Plurk (although not actively plurking), and commenting on blogs all over the net (including my previous post “I Called Comcast…” .) 

I hesitated to respond to the commenter — I had no idea who these people were — where they really Comcast employees?  Did they have nefarious intentions?  My friend Gary’s wife, a middle school teacher, had recently completed a state-required course on internet safety — and was told to *never* respond to such posts with any personal information — so I didn’t.

It seems, however, that perhaps these folks are for real.

Another blogger, a comp sci professor in California, also had an issue with Comcast — and the ComcastCares team resolved the issue — in a manner that exceeded his expectations. 

So perhaps I *will* contact them.  Gary suggested I should ask @ComcastCares “about what?”, since caring is *not* the experience that any of my circle of friends have had.  But perhaps they have finally realized that customer service actually has value.  Should I stay with Comcast or not?  Verdict is still out here — especially with Fios at my doorstep…

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13:08 Monday 08.18.2008

Web 2.0

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I just learned this term yesterday — apparently it refers to all the stuff I know nothing about — all the social networking stuff that has appeared since my computer broke 2 years ago…

I signed up for Twitter — then followed a tag to Sarah Hartley — and although I don’t know her — she has taught me so much! Thanks to her, I’ve signed up for twhirl, plurk, facebook (although I didn’t like that I couldn’t just use my nick there, so I deactivated), twitterfeed…. and I’ve gotten a bit confused about how to integrate all of these things….It seems like any one of them could occupy all of my time… detrimental to “real” life ;)

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