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6:48 Thursday 07.31.2008

Okay – haven’t posted for a few days …

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Okay – haven’t posted for a few days — the electrician was here — so now the cable booster has a outlet in the attic instead of an extension cord from the garage — yay!! and he’s coming back to fix the outside light on the motion detector and the light in the attic… that way I won’t have to climb the ladder with a flashlight — which isn’t too bad, usually — but coming back down the ladder is much more dangerous — with the flashlight and whatever I might have found in the attic — so many things are up there — and with a light I will be able to see better :)

The mailman didn’t deliver the mail on Friday — said there was a car blocking the box! Thinking back — I don’t think there was – one guy parked in the driveway — and the other parked in front of the house — but not near the mailbox!! But rather than redelivering the next day — it took him until Wednesday??? Maybe I should file a complaint!! Maybe I will wait and see if it happens again…. don’t want to antagonize him — but it was my bank statement – not some junk mail!! Used to have a great mail person — this one appears to be crap…

My computer crashed again today — that’s at least twice – and I’ve barely had it a month!!! Hopefully Windows will heal itself….

Found another of my favorite programs – Personal Brain — a very intuitive way of organizing thoughts – I have never been able to use it fully — so many options!! There are three versions — free, core, pro. I just use the free one… :)

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