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17:28 Friday 09.26.2008

Evil Trustee — who is also a financial planner and takes advantage of the elderly….

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If anyone has the misfortune of meeting this woman — flee!!!  Be warned!!

She takes advantage of the elderly and “manages” their monies completely to her advantage.

She met my parents when both were senile — my mother had diagnosed Alzheimer’s and my father had Parkinson’s disease — which also has a dementia component.

Unfortunately, I was living in another city — and I was not closely monitoring their behavior and finances.

My parents had a trust and wills — I knew about that.  My dad was always concerned about Probate and the government claiming more than their fare share at his death.  This left him vulnerable to an unscrupulous and cruel “financial planner” who convinced him that he and mother needed a completely new set of trusts and wills, naming *her* as executor and trustee!!!

Mother and daddy signed these documents without reading them (how can I be sure of this? because my name — their only child — was wrongly stated in these documents! There is no way in heaven or hell or any other place that my parents would mistake my name!)  Additionally, daddy had been forced to quit working 5 years prior because he could no longer think clearly, and my mother’s disease progression pre-dated his.

Although most of the lawyers I have seen say that it is clear that the documents are the worst they have ever seen, it is impossible to go to court because Evil Trustee is very clever at the art of CYA.

When my parents became ill, I came to live with them.  It was only then that I started to understand that there was a problem.  My father contacted the lawyer who had drawn up these documents and requested copies of everything she had.  When we drove to her office — she did *not* provide us with the documents!! Even thought my father was there in person requesting them — she only provided the documents he had given to her (not the ones she had prepared!)!  Although he had clearly stated in two phone calls (which I witnessed), that he wanted copies of *all* the documents she had related to his case!  I believe that this was purposeful deception on her part.  She and the financial planner did not want me to know what they had done.

My father and I went to another attorney and had documents drawn up to revoke what these women had done — and daddy nearly signed it — but the lawyer said that because the two new trusts were so intertwined, that revoking one would cause a big legal hassel — he suggested we see another lawyer to represent my mother’s interests.  Unfortunately, before that could occur my father died, and then my mother died shortly thereafter.

I appologize for my extremely emotional reaction to this situation — I am suffering.  I have not had enough money for food many times,  and I have not been able to buy any clothes or have my hair done or anything else that people do to live since my parents died.  I can not work myself due to numerous medical conditions — some which pre-existed my parents death and several more which are caused by the stress I am now forced to live with.

My mother did not like any of these women — she used the word “hate” — which was not something my mother had ever done before.  My father was a southern gentleman — and could not percieve that some people were inherently “evil” — my mother did not suffer under that delusion, and neither do I.  Mother and daddy both cried when they realized what had happened — and my mother kept saying she was so sorry.  This has caused me enormous emotional anguish.

I do believe very strongly that “what goes around, comes around” or “the golden rule” or “karma” — that in the end these evil people will receive recompense for their actions.  I do believe that there is a greater Judge who will ultimately rule and sentence them to a very uncomfortable place for a very, very, very long time.

In the mean time — do not fall prey to them.   Keep a close eye on your elderly family members.

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