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0:11 Monday 09.15.2008

Uninstalling IE 8 beta 2 is nearly impossible AND IE 8 is incompatible with McAfee!!

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:::sigh::: Why do I always want to be an innovator??? The first to try out something — the first to download a beta product??  It wasn’t that much of a problem with the old windows (although I never was a fan of windows — I preferred DOS… I wish I knew Linux… maybe that would be better…)

Anyway — I always like to try out all the new browsers — my favorite is Firefox, but I also have Safari and IE — IE mainly because a lot of sites expect it.  So — I tried out IE 8 beta 2 — and its not compatible with McAfee — which I didn’t know until I could no longer open the Security Center (the control panel).  I tried everything to find a “back door” to controlling McAfee — or even a way to turn it off…  I haven’t found one.

I contacted McAfee — and was told that I would need to uninstall IE8b2 — turns out that is much easier said than done!!!  It doesn’t show up under “installed updates” as it should. 

Contacted OEM-Dell — what a joke!! Their chat interface is ridiculous!!!  Extremely hard to see — keeps jumping back to the beginning — unable to fully open the chat window so scrolling is necessary — and then it jumps back again — I was really cussing the thing!!!  And the entry box does not accept “enter” — its necessary to remove your hand from the keyboard, find the mouse and click “send”!  A very stressful experience. 

The Dell representative said that I need to use a Restore Point.  She then proceeded to give me the *wrong* instructions!!!  And she’s the “expert”!!  Well, after following her instructions and thinking I had really messed things up — I discovered the *correct* way to use Restore Points — but there were two problems.

  1. For some unknow reason — I only had one Restore Point stored — haven’t figured that out yet — but it was previous to installing IE8b2 so I thought it would work but
  2. Using Restore Point did *not* help — but it did mess up something else — so I reversed the process.

So — what to do now???  I have spent a couple of hours searching the Windows website and forums — left some posts but have not received an answer.  Did see another suggestion — but its a bit complicated for me — oh — and the final suggestion has been made to abandon McAfee for some other product — but I don’t know which one would be best (effective, compatible, free or inexpensive, easy to use).

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