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15:21 Wednesday 07.23.2008

Men here working….

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I’m finding time to be online today — the kitties are on the porch and can see me thru the window — Alley seems just fine — sleeping on *her* couch! Pru was scratching at the door — when the men went to lunch I let them in for a *snack* — and they were fine — sniffed at some of the ladders and drop cloths — gobble up their treat — and happily returned to the porch. Oh — I forgot — they each used their own boxes (Alley’s in the kitchen, Pru’s upstairs) first! I thought I was going to have to chase them down — and maybe lock them in another room — but they were great — I am *so* proud of them!!! :)

I have found out that the allowance for the washer/dryer is $500 — are you kidding me? Here are the ones I want: Washer and Dryer — the best price I’ve found is around $1800! (including extended service contracts)

I joined Consumer Reports and did some investigating — this washer is extremely *green* — and is good with delicates — that is very important to me. Most washers end up destroying things! The estimated yearly usage cost is $14!? Hard to believe!

I also looked up vacuum cleaners — found one at Sears on sale — somewhat comparable to the Dyson I wanted… its about half the price – and I can go pick it up. If it doesn’t work out, I should be able to return it, too. Vacuum

It seems the bolts on the windows are harder to remove than anyone imagined! They stopped making this kind — and finding the *key* is proving nearly impossible! One way or another, though, these windows are going to *open*!! :) Its a safety hazard — and I do like fresh air (and so do the kitties! :)


23:44 Tuesday 07.22.2008


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Wow! what a long day – and the next few will be even longer — I may forget to blog! Men are coming tomorrow at 7 am to work on the house – don’t even know all the things they are to do! There was a home inspection with lots of things – some painting, some power-washing, a new access to the attic, etc. etc.! I have to stay here and keep an eye on everything – especially the animals — poor Alley – she hates new and different things and people! She will probably hide under the bed – unless the weather is okay and she can stay on the porch — if the men are working inside. She would not want to be out there if they are power-washing!! I will have to get up at 4 am with Marc anyway (yikes!) and feed the animals…. and then try to get them corralled somewhere! :)

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