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15:29 Friday 08.01.2008

Using Word to post from

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Here’s another test, I guess – have been exploring the features of the programs on my computer – I usually post from Google Docs – and I think I will continue to do so – this program is a little weird – the typing seems delayed – and its just not as intuitive as I would like. But I had to test it out to be sure – just like I have tried using OneNote – that is a strange little program to be sure!!!!

Follow up – whereas Google posts go to a holding space on WordPress – to be posted 4 hours later – this posted immediately!! Good to know J But that means I will still have to go back and categorize/tag – with Google – I do that while I massage the date to get it to publish immediately.


21:19 Tuesday 07.22.2008

Posting Delay Work Around

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Well, its not exactly elegant – and I can’t post directly — which is really sad — but, if I go in and edit date to T-1, save and make sure its published, then change to T (T=date), then it will post in the right time slot with the correct time showing. Its a bit of a pain — but to be able to use Google docs to write the posts is worth it! Too bad they apparently removed tags, categories on Google – another reason I have to edit the post on the WordPress website anyway :)

Testing again

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Once again I’m trying to post immediately from within google docs…. Still shows a four hour delay… sigh….

Testing the time posting again — las…

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Testing the time posting again — last post didn’t post immediately again – had a 4 hour delay – which is not acceptable. I *must* solve this issue.

I *think* one problem is solved….

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sigh — although I had edited my main and email profile with Google — apparently the information doesn’t transfer — had to re-enter my time zone — lets see if this posts properly and immediately this time! Still have not solved the smiley face issue, tho — I know that is not a Google issue because my “smiley” post was from the wordpress website….

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