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9:40 Saturday 08.16.2008


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Once again — I started at one place on the web — and before I knew it I had spent the day making new discoveries! :) Yesterday I signed up for twitter — and linked my phone — haven’t made proper updates — will get there, I suppose. But that led to —

Foxmarks — a fantistic way of keeping bookmarks available online — and synced with my favorite browser — Firefox — which I have configured with a kitty theme — makes me smile each time I use it! :) which led to —

Scribfire — a way of posting to blog from within my Firefox browser — how cool is this ;) Will have to see if the posts post immediately (like Word Doc), or in 4 hours (like Google Doc).

Update: posted immediately!!! Now if I can figure out how to add categories and tags… Or will just have to edit from website like I do with the others :) Oops — just looked around — I can add categories and tags directly from within Scribfire prior to publishing!!! This is great!!!!! Well, it *would* be great if I could remember to add categories and tags *before* I hit the publish button ;)

p.s. there was a question about posting to Twitter from Scribfire — that involves configuring — which allows you to publish to Twitter using various sources — including your blog.

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