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14:04 Friday 10.10.2008

I signed up for Technorati….

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Hope I did the right thing — I don’t really want to be *too* public — although I guess what I write about isn’t that interesting — not many people will find it :)

At first my blog was listed as “protected” — no name — and I couldn’t figure out why.  Turns out there must be a “ping” — which some sites do automatically, but apparently Technorati doesn’t.  Anyway, I did a search on WordPress and found pingomatic and got it to ping technorati and everything was fixed.  I guess if I had posted a new post that a ping might have
been generated … but its done now.

I think updates will be automatic — but, if not, I will just use pingomatic again.

Still wish I could categorize/tag from withing Flock…. maybe I can install Scribefire on Flock … but I will wait to try.  I don’t want to screw up this browser just yet.  I am still hoping to get Firefox fixed.

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15:10 Wednesday 10.08.2008

Problems with Firefox and my computer

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Firefox is my favorite browser.  But…

I added so many extensions/addons that I was having “issues” — and there was a problem with 3 installed addons that were not compatible with my current version, and yet I could not uninstall.

I was told by Firefox_Answers that it was possible to delete the extensions folder — I tried that, but it did not solve the problem.

Thought I would ignore the situation — until the addons screen went blank — and I couldn’t access the options, disable, uninstall buttons for any of my installed extensions. 

So … I uninstalled FF and reinstalled —- 7 times!!!!!!  I tried hunting for Mozilla folders and files that I thought I could rename/delete.  Unfortunately, Mozilla has files/folders that do not indicate which Mozilla program they might be related to — Sunbird, Thunderbird, Firefox? 

NOW — every time I try to reinstall my extensions — I receive error messages.  A pop-up window that says installation failed and to check the log.  Checking the log does not tell me how to fix the problem.  And whereas before I had the log set up to append, it now overwrites — and I can’t find the switch to change it.

Someone recommended a “cleaner” program — to remove temp files, cookies, etc. and to clean up the registry.  Didn’t solve the problem.

I even thought about editing the registry (deleting some entries) — but thought better of it.  I know how weird Windows is — that if you make a mistake in editing the registry you can be screwed! (Been there, done that!)

I feel so dumb!  And I am *not* dumb!  I qualified for Mensa with my SAT scores.  Although I know that I have lost brain cells since then,  I am still not stupid!  I understood DOS, I liked programming in FORTRAN, COBOL, Assembler, etc., I liked being a computer operator to a small mainframe, I liked upgrading the hardware on my first desktop.  But I am stumped by Windows!  Nothing is simple — everything has so many places to hide on the hard drive….  I have ended the past two days in tears — and I absolutely didn’t even turn the computer on for a couple of days because I didn’t want to face the insurmountable obstacle…  I am not dumb, I am not stupid (I have to keep telling myself this — like a mantra — or I might become overwhelmed and smash the computer to bits — but I know its not a hardware issue, its a software one — how can I throw software across the room and stomp on it? :) 

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