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16:50 Saturday 09.13.2008

argh!!! Comcast!

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For the past 2 weeks – Comcast internet service has been intermittent — at best!  Drops off for 5 minutes comes back drops again… longest it was off was 90 minutes — the first time — and I figured they were working on the system…. Then it got unbelievably slow… Then it was off for another 1 hour… faster when it came back that time (that was earlier this week after Hannah). (Although it has never come close to functioning at the advertised speed!!!)  Today, however, it was off for over 3 hours — and then was intermittent for another 30 minutes!!..  At this point I don’t have an alternative — but Fios is *almost* here… trying to decide if I really want to go thru the hastle of changing… and I can’t get them to send a list of channels — which is another big question mark. (if I change internet I will change cable television as well — and possibly phone — which is already Verizon but not Fios).  :::sigh:::  I *hate* being frustrated! ;)

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