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18:16 Saturday 09.13.2008

I called Comcast…

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and was on hold for 15 minutes before reaching customer service!  IMHO the government doesn’t do much right — but when I called Social Security — they have a system where you can either wait in queue — or leave your name/number and they call back when your queue time is reached.  System worked great! But I digress…

I then spent over 30 minutes getting the guy to understand what “no connection to the internet” means!  He said — can you reach any websites?  what?? “no connection” means some of the lights on my modem are blinking (there should be 4 solid lights) and there is no *way* to reach any website! and “intermittent” means it doesn’t happen all the time (while I was on the phone — the modem connected and disconnected 4 times!)  Apparently the only feedback they have at their end is color-coded — for me its “red” — which can mean “no connection” or “poor connection”.

He finally decided to send a tech out on Wednesday – between 12 and 3. 

We shall see what happens :)

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