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11:48 Saturday 09.13.2008

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it worked :) now I need to learn how to post selectively to different sites


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testing posting from google talk using

17:17 Friday 07.25.2008

Wow! What a week!! I got the vacuum …

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Wow! What a week!! I got the vacuum cleaner last night — its wonderful — with a couple of caveats — the filter gets clogged and is hard to reach and clean — its pleated… The vacuum cleaner beats the rugs – and I found puddles of dirt, sand, grit under the rug instead of in the vacuum…. but it did suck up a lot of the dirt….

The guys removed the window air conditioner that was in my bedroom — yay!! It hadn’t worked for years and years, lots of noise came in thru it, and it blocked the sunlight.

I have a Lane cedar chest that is locked – I think I have the right key (I have several), but the lock seems to be defective — it just turns around and doesn’t *catch*. I just contacted the Lane furniture company , hope they can help!! Maybe I need a locksmith? I even tried taking the hinges off…. but that didn’t help.

Don’t know if I can get my car in the garage — I usually park in the middle, and the guys left me with one side…. the more difficult side… and tools are on the ground… with my lack of depth perception, it could be a problem. They won’t be back for about 10 days…. I really don’t want to park outside that long…

I have been trying to find the key to unlock the bolts on my windows — I looked on This Old House website and found someone else with the same problem — he had a picture of the bolt ! Left a message – hope he found a solution that I can use, too.

23:12 Wednesday 07.23.2008

Yikes!! Some really nasty storms came…

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Yikes!! Some really nasty storms came thru — even some tornado warnings!! Luckily we were okay — but Marc almost got mixed up in it on his way home. He needed to stop for gas – and he said he took an exit and it went from light to dark – and he thought it looked like a tornado – he got out of there as quick as he could and just drove home slowly so he would have enough gas to make it (barely! he was below the red empty line!)

Anyway, its late (again!) so I’m going to bed – have to get up early again for the men working on the house! :)

Men here working….

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I’m finding time to be online today — the kitties are on the porch and can see me thru the window — Alley seems just fine — sleeping on *her* couch! Pru was scratching at the door — when the men went to lunch I let them in for a *snack* — and they were fine — sniffed at some of the ladders and drop cloths — gobble up their treat — and happily returned to the porch. Oh — I forgot — they each used their own boxes (Alley’s in the kitchen, Pru’s upstairs) first! I thought I was going to have to chase them down — and maybe lock them in another room — but they were great — I am *so* proud of them!!! :)

I have found out that the allowance for the washer/dryer is $500 — are you kidding me? Here are the ones I want: Washer and Dryer — the best price I’ve found is around $1800! (including extended service contracts)

I joined Consumer Reports and did some investigating — this washer is extremely *green* — and is good with delicates — that is very important to me. Most washers end up destroying things! The estimated yearly usage cost is $14!? Hard to believe!

I also looked up vacuum cleaners — found one at Sears on sale — somewhat comparable to the Dyson I wanted… its about half the price – and I can go pick it up. If it doesn’t work out, I should be able to return it, too. Vacuum

It seems the bolts on the windows are harder to remove than anyone imagined! They stopped making this kind — and finding the *key* is proving nearly impossible! One way or another, though, these windows are going to *open*!! :) Its a safety hazard — and I do like fresh air (and so do the kitties! :)

23:44 Tuesday 07.22.2008


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Wow! what a long day – and the next few will be even longer — I may forget to blog! Men are coming tomorrow at 7 am to work on the house – don’t even know all the things they are to do! There was a home inspection with lots of things – some painting, some power-washing, a new access to the attic, etc. etc.! I have to stay here and keep an eye on everything – especially the animals — poor Alley – she hates new and different things and people! She will probably hide under the bed – unless the weather is okay and she can stay on the porch — if the men are working inside. She would not want to be out there if they are power-washing!! I will have to get up at 4 am with Marc anyway (yikes!) and feed the animals…. and then try to get them corralled somewhere! :)

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