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17:19 Wednesday 10.08.2008

Flock continued…

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Oh, now I see — the tags that I can add within the Flock blog editor are not for WordPress but for Technorati.  hmmm…  Never used those before.  Not sure I want to.

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Flock – trying out a new browser

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Here I am — experimenting again. Don’t like this interface as much as I do Scribefire/Firefox — but until I can get that fixed, this is an alternative.

I’m also checking out some of the other features of Flock. It interfaces with Twitter, but not with Plurk – which is a shame.

And, althought I can add tags – don’t see a way to place in a category while composing within Flock. Will look somemore… ah… problem solved!! As soon as I hit “publish” — a window pops up asking for the category! :)

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