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14:38 Friday 11.21.2008


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yikes!  For nearly a month I have been unable to deal with the frustration that is my computer!!  A new Dell laptop – the speaker sound is distorted, the OS crashes and is incompatible with the software…. I am so disappointed with this new computer I can’t even express it!  I hate to look at it, much less turn it on and try to use it….

I do not recommend Dell laptops — I had a Gateway previously which I was extremely happy with for 10 years… Damn, I wish I had replaced it with another Gateway instead of this thing… I can’t afford to buy another computer at this time – If I could, this one would be traded in for an apple, I think.  I think a big part of my frustration is due to the new Windows OS Vista — I was never crazy about Windows, but this new one is really, really irritating!  I can’t run “my” programs, and when I try to run the ones that are “supposed” to be compatible – the system crashes, or functioning is compromised.

As far as Dell is concerned – the software provided with the computer that was supposed to work with Vista doesn’t.  So either they didn’t adequately test it, or they lied.  Either way, the consumer is frustrated and screwed.

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15:10 Wednesday 10.08.2008

Problems with Firefox and my computer

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Firefox is my favorite browser.  But…

I added so many extensions/addons that I was having “issues” — and there was a problem with 3 installed addons that were not compatible with my current version, and yet I could not uninstall.

I was told by Firefox_Answers that it was possible to delete the extensions folder — I tried that, but it did not solve the problem.

Thought I would ignore the situation — until the addons screen went blank — and I couldn’t access the options, disable, uninstall buttons for any of my installed extensions. 

So … I uninstalled FF and reinstalled —- 7 times!!!!!!  I tried hunting for Mozilla folders and files that I thought I could rename/delete.  Unfortunately, Mozilla has files/folders that do not indicate which Mozilla program they might be related to — Sunbird, Thunderbird, Firefox? 

NOW — every time I try to reinstall my extensions — I receive error messages.  A pop-up window that says installation failed and to check the log.  Checking the log does not tell me how to fix the problem.  And whereas before I had the log set up to append, it now overwrites — and I can’t find the switch to change it.

Someone recommended a “cleaner” program — to remove temp files, cookies, etc. and to clean up the registry.  Didn’t solve the problem.

I even thought about editing the registry (deleting some entries) — but thought better of it.  I know how weird Windows is — that if you make a mistake in editing the registry you can be screwed! (Been there, done that!)

I feel so dumb!  And I am *not* dumb!  I qualified for Mensa with my SAT scores.  Although I know that I have lost brain cells since then,  I am still not stupid!  I understood DOS, I liked programming in FORTRAN, COBOL, Assembler, etc., I liked being a computer operator to a small mainframe, I liked upgrading the hardware on my first desktop.  But I am stumped by Windows!  Nothing is simple — everything has so many places to hide on the hard drive….  I have ended the past two days in tears — and I absolutely didn’t even turn the computer on for a couple of days because I didn’t want to face the insurmountable obstacle…  I am not dumb, I am not stupid (I have to keep telling myself this — like a mantra — or I might become overwhelmed and smash the computer to bits — but I know its not a hardware issue, its a software one — how can I throw software across the room and stomp on it? :) 

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0:11 Monday 09.15.2008

Uninstalling IE 8 beta 2 is nearly impossible AND IE 8 is incompatible with McAfee!!

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:::sigh::: Why do I always want to be an innovator??? The first to try out something — the first to download a beta product??  It wasn’t that much of a problem with the old windows (although I never was a fan of windows — I preferred DOS… I wish I knew Linux… maybe that would be better…)

Anyway — I always like to try out all the new browsers — my favorite is Firefox, but I also have Safari and IE — IE mainly because a lot of sites expect it.  So — I tried out IE 8 beta 2 — and its not compatible with McAfee — which I didn’t know until I could no longer open the Security Center (the control panel).  I tried everything to find a “back door” to controlling McAfee — or even a way to turn it off…  I haven’t found one.

I contacted McAfee — and was told that I would need to uninstall IE8b2 — turns out that is much easier said than done!!!  It doesn’t show up under “installed updates” as it should. 

Contacted OEM-Dell — what a joke!! Their chat interface is ridiculous!!!  Extremely hard to see — keeps jumping back to the beginning — unable to fully open the chat window so scrolling is necessary — and then it jumps back again — I was really cussing the thing!!!  And the entry box does not accept “enter” — its necessary to remove your hand from the keyboard, find the mouse and click “send”!  A very stressful experience. 

The Dell representative said that I need to use a Restore Point.  She then proceeded to give me the *wrong* instructions!!!  And she’s the “expert”!!  Well, after following her instructions and thinking I had really messed things up — I discovered the *correct* way to use Restore Points — but there were two problems.

  1. For some unknow reason — I only had one Restore Point stored — haven’t figured that out yet — but it was previous to installing IE8b2 so I thought it would work but
  2. Using Restore Point did *not* help — but it did mess up something else — so I reversed the process.

So — what to do now???  I have spent a couple of hours searching the Windows website and forums — left some posts but have not received an answer.  Did see another suggestion — but its a bit complicated for me — oh — and the final suggestion has been made to abandon McAfee for some other product — but I don’t know which one would be best (effective, compatible, free or inexpensive, easy to use).

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10:41 Thursday 07.31.2008

Windows update…

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Windows has tried to update itself for about 2 weeks — this time I closed down as many things as I could (which is no longer an easy project!) — and it did manage to install the Vista service pack — which windows claims will solve whatever was causing the crashes…. I’ll keep you updated on *that*! :)

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