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22:14 Tuesday 10.21.2008

Bored with format of my blog

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I’m using a pre-packaged blog from WordPress.  The one I initially chose is Kubrick – and it is flexible, but a knowledge of CSS is required to make the most of it.   I know nothing of CSS.

I may be trying out a variety of formats.  Be fore-warned! :)

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14:04 Friday 10.10.2008

I signed up for Technorati….

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Hope I did the right thing — I don’t really want to be *too* public — although I guess what I write about isn’t that interesting — not many people will find it :)

At first my blog was listed as “protected” — no name — and I couldn’t figure out why.  Turns out there must be a “ping” — which some sites do automatically, but apparently Technorati doesn’t.  Anyway, I did a search on WordPress and found pingomatic and got it to ping technorati and everything was fixed.  I guess if I had posted a new post that a ping might have
been generated … but its done now.

I think updates will be automatic — but, if not, I will just use pingomatic again.

Still wish I could categorize/tag from withing Flock…. maybe I can install Scribefire on Flock … but I will wait to try.  I don’t want to screw up this browser just yet.  I am still hoping to get Firefox fixed.

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16:18 Saturday 09.20.2008

Scribefire — one slight issue

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Scribefire is an extension or plugin for Firefox that allows the user to write a post to a blog within Firefox and then publish directly to the blog — without ever leaving the webpage.  When not in use it resides as an icon in the status bar.  Quite convenient and multifaceted — I love it! but…

The problem I have is that the font size I see within Scribefire is *not* the size that is actually posted — and it doesn’t give a numeric indicator of the font size, either.

I only know that I have a problem *after* I post — and then I don’t know how to fix it within the WordPress interface — I suppose I could re-post from Scribefire…. Just wish I could set *my* default font/size/colour within Scribefire and not have to worry about it… would be so much easier! (My problem could be that webpages within Firefox are scalable — perhaps I don’t have the webpage font set at 100% — but if there were a numeric indicator of font size I could be sure where the problem lies!  When I look at the source page within Scribefire – it says “big” for the font size — what does *that* mean?)

But otherwise — I do love Scribefire — it makes it quite easy to blog :)  I just have to remember to categorize, tag, adjust font/size/colour before posting! :)

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13:08 Monday 08.18.2008

Web 2.0

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I just learned this term yesterday — apparently it refers to all the stuff I know nothing about — all the social networking stuff that has appeared since my computer broke 2 years ago…

I signed up for Twitter — then followed a tag to Sarah Hartley — and although I don’t know her — she has taught me so much! Thanks to her, I’ve signed up for twhirl, plurk, facebook (although I didn’t like that I couldn’t just use my nick there, so I deactivated), twitterfeed…. and I’ve gotten a bit confused about how to integrate all of these things….It seems like any one of them could occupy all of my time… detrimental to “real” life ;)

9:40 Saturday 08.16.2008


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Once again — I started at one place on the web — and before I knew it I had spent the day making new discoveries! :) Yesterday I signed up for twitter — and linked my phone — haven’t made proper updates — will get there, I suppose. But that led to —

Foxmarks — a fantistic way of keeping bookmarks available online — and synced with my favorite browser — Firefox — which I have configured with a kitty theme — makes me smile each time I use it! :) which led to —

Scribfire — a way of posting to blog from within my Firefox browser — how cool is this ;) Will have to see if the posts post immediately (like Word Doc), or in 4 hours (like Google Doc).

Update: posted immediately!!! Now if I can figure out how to add categories and tags… Or will just have to edit from website like I do with the others :) Oops — just looked around — I can add categories and tags directly from within Scribfire prior to publishing!!! This is great!!!!! Well, it *would* be great if I could remember to add categories and tags *before* I hit the publish button ;)

p.s. there was a question about posting to Twitter from Scribfire — that involves configuring — which allows you to publish to Twitter using various sources — including your blog.

15:54 Friday 08.01.2008

Rethinking what I said before….

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It looks like there are more options using Word (well – different, anyway!) – I can use the font I want – and I can categorize – just can’t tag (at least – haven’t figure out how yet – there may be a way!) And I’m trying to add a background color now – see if that works! For some reason my smiley’s are not posting properly… will work on it since do I do like to use them – the typed kind, not transformed to graphics.

Using Word to post from

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Here’s another test, I guess – have been exploring the features of the programs on my computer – I usually post from Google Docs – and I think I will continue to do so – this program is a little weird – the typing seems delayed – and its just not as intuitive as I would like. But I had to test it out to be sure – just like I have tried using OneNote – that is a strange little program to be sure!!!!

Follow up – whereas Google posts go to a holding space on WordPress – to be posted 4 hours later – this posted immediately!! Good to know J But that means I will still have to go back and categorize/tag – with Google – I do that while I massage the date to get it to publish immediately.

21:19 Tuesday 07.22.2008

Posting Delay Work Around

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Well, its not exactly elegant – and I can’t post directly — which is really sad — but, if I go in and edit date to T-1, save and make sure its published, then change to T (T=date), then it will post in the right time slot with the correct time showing. Its a bit of a pain — but to be able to use Google docs to write the posts is worth it! Too bad they apparently removed tags, categories on Google – another reason I have to edit the post on the WordPress website anyway :)

Testing again

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Once again I’m trying to post immediately from within google docs…. Still shows a four hour delay… sigh….

Testing the time posting again — las…

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Testing the time posting again — last post didn’t post immediately again – had a 4 hour delay – which is not acceptable. I *must* solve this issue.

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