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11:43 Monday 08.25.2008

Kitties and Cicadas

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Last night I was not paying a lot of attention to my cats… although I did here a strange noise coming from the porch…

When I looked out — my two cats were staring intently at the screen door (the screen door has a piece of plexiglass attached on the outside bottom — a few feet tall — to keep the dogs from scratching at the screen).

I thought that perhaps a neighbor’s cat was visiting —

Pru patted the screen — and I saw the cicada trapped between the screen and the plexiglass. I thought it was dead (from all the attention), but it was still moving this morning — had crawled up the screen almost to the top of the plexiglass — perhaps it will free itself… It is a lot less interesting — Pru has come to oversee the writing of this post! And Allie is sleeping :)

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17:12 Sunday 08.03.2008

Hanging in there….

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Where is my picture? I found a picture which shows how I feel.. lets try again…

Hanging in there!

11:07 Thursday 07.31.2008

Barkley the Cat

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Oh what fun :) Barkley the Cat !!

18:04 Thursday 07.24.2008

Found on internet…

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I did a search on cat blogs — and found this: Tortoise Hates Cats Wait until you see this! – Watch more free videos

19:50 Tuesday 07.22.2008


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This is my favorite cat group! Lots of posts – wonderful people!! When subscribing its important to add your name after the subscribe request (on the same line).

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