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15:08 Wednesday 04.10.2013

Happy Anniversary to Us!

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My husband and I have made it thru 20 years of marriage!  Yay us!:)  Happy Anniversary to Us :)  I love my husband, what a wonderful man he is :) Here’s to 20 or 40 more years! :)

The legal system in the USA needs to be changed

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*sigh*  I don’t know why I can’t stop watching/following trials. I served as a juror; my husband also served, in a different case.  I am convinced the legal system in this country is so biased, tainted, etc. that I hope I am NEVER exposed to it… it STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!!  There is no *truth*!!!  *Truth* is excluded from the courtroom, as is *reason*.  The legal systsm in the United States is stupid!  (ie close your eyes, close your ears)  and to think this is the “best legal system the world”?  How sad:(  there is no hope!

15:00 Friday 04.05.2013

Van Veeteren : Carambole

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Sorry that the other sites don’ t recognize this program or allow comments… This is so sad:(  I love this series, but I am so sad for this father :( Great series… highly recommended.

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