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20:24 Wednesday 08.17.2011

*sigh* I have tried SO HARD with Comcast…

Filed under: opinion — Cait @ 8:24 pm

well.. here’s the lastest… I have private numbers for someone at Comcast corporate and a local supervisor… and yet… the service just isn’t worth it :(  I stayed with Comcast because there was an analog signal (for my other tvs and my vcrs)… but that has been revoked…. my latest DVR is horrible! HORRIBLE!  it didn’t work with my tv – a tech came out…. then they wouldn’t recognize it…. sound intermittently drops out, it stops recording.  Saturday, once again, it stopped working with my tv (in order to watch – I have to use the VCR- which degrades the signal and diminishes the options – ie no “zoom”)….  COMCAST SUCKS!!!  lets see – I guess I should mention everything else – they put a hole in my wall and never fixed it, they NEVER buried the cable wire. (we have been Comcast customers since the beginning – I would say 30 years – but I think they bought out CableVision – don’t know the year ;)  The internet service is also very very poor…. drops out…. my Fios friends NEVER EVER have these problems… and they pay LESS… so.. tomorrow I call Fios… (and I forgot to mention when the Comcast tech went in the kitchen – for NO REASON – and stepped on and broke my stoneware plate (for the animals) :(   I still have it as evidence!!!!


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