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17:34 Wednesday 09.15.2010

I am SO Disappointed with Nancy Grace!

Filed under: opinion — Cait @ 5:34 pm

When I first heard that Nancy Grace was having a daytime show, I thought I would reserve judgment.  I was concerned – I mean – why on earth does she need another program?  Greed?  Why would she want to spend MORE time away from her “twins”?  Even under the most favorable circumstances, they are going to have a truncated life with her…

Today, however, I watched her blatantly outrageous and clearly biased behavior.  I assume she is a “binding arbitrator” – since she is not a “judge”.  But to stand beside one of the parties in sympathy before judgment is totally outrageous behavior from an “impartial” party!  This program is clearly a farce… a mockery of the judicial process.   In this case, a woman claimed that a man was “stalking” her – and had taken advantage of her alcoholically weakened condition to have sex with her, resulting in a pregnancy.  The child later died.  However, the man gave her an expensive ring – clearly an engagement ring – which she wore on her left hand (pictures presented in evidence).  I, as a victim, would 1) never have dated the perpetrator and 2) never, ever on the coldest day in hell accepted a ring, much less WEAR it.  And yet, Nancy Grace decided this woman was totally believable?? are you kidding me?  Nancy, there is a REASON that your god almighty POLYGRAPHS are inadmissible in court! You are so biased – you can’t see that they are inaccurate, unscientific, and wrong.

I have lost all respect for Nancy Grace.  Goodbye!


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