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16:41 Tuesday 12.02.2008


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I discovered that the EVIL ONE (the trustee of my parent’s estate) paid the landscaper that has destroyed my yard.  I am no longer able to enjoy the use of my back yard AT ALL!!  In the next post I will include the name of the landscaper as well as a link to the pictures of the “work” that was done — to destroy my yard!  I will also name the trustee — I see no reason not to disclose names.  I am furious!!  I have documentation showing that my father did not want the trustee who is the trustee doing anything with his estate.  Thank GOD there is a GOD who will deal with her — I just wish that there were proper laws in Virginia.  If you live in Virginia — be aware that ANYONE can take control of your money if you let them.  NO credentials required.  OH – I know – give me your money and I will take care of it (i.e. steal it :)  My PARENTS money has not gone to anything that they wanted it too — i.e., me, my cousins, and the animals. Both of my parents were strong animal advocates – and gave to animal concerns.  My mother (the longer survivor) wanted to support homeless animals — and yet I can not do this!!  But be sure, the Trustee is taking care of herself!! 

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